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How to install Android Studio on Windows

Android Studio:

Android studio is the tool for making android applications. It provides all components like Android SDK, Google play services, Android SDK Tools, Builds Tools, HAXM installer etc to download and use within the studio. It supports Material Design Basics like Layout, Style, Animation, Components, Patterns, Usability.
Android studio has great quality guidelines for Android developers which consist of Core app quality, Tablet app quality, Wear OS by google app quality, TV app quality, Auto app quality.
Provides a live android emulator in the studio or also give options to connect the android mobile to run the app. Its others features make it more powerful and ease to use in the studio. After testing and case studies of the app , upload apk to google playstore.

Android Studio SDK:

Android Studio SDK is used to convert the high-level language to machine language for understanding or to compile the code for results. Basically, it is a compiler just like JDK in java which is used to compile the java code to perform.

Latest version & Download link : 

3.1.3 for Windows 64-bit (758 MB)

Installation Steps :

1. Download the Android Studio setup by link mentioned above.

2. Install the Android Studio.

3. After installing , download Android SDK and SDK components (commonly ask by studio if not, then go to Tools << SDK Manager << Android SDK << Tick on the components you required <<Accept ).

4. Do Android Emulator enable by making device in android studio for this go to Run << Make a device << select the device << select configuarations<< save . Emulator will now ready to run the app.(If you want to connect your android mobile to run the app, then simply ignore this Step .)

5. Android Studio is now ready to run the app.


The installation and download of android studio are offered by many websites which provides the complete course of android technologies like :–ud808

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