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Ken Burns Effect in Android

Ken Burns Effect example:

Kenburns Effect is the additional feature in which android images are seemed to be like running Video in Android app. It’s motion over the android image throughout the screen isĀ  fabulous which covers all the portion of the image which seems like running video .

Ken burns effect needs external libraries to do the task for that we have to implement the dependencies in our module file of the android project in android studio which is named as KenburnsView. This provide the view for kenburns effect in android app.

Implementation :

Its implementation is also very simple in Android Studio and for that just follow the steps.

1. Dependency:

We need to add dependency to download the library of KenBurnsView automatically in build.gradle in the project .

compile 'com.flaviofaria:kenburnsview:1.0.7'

2. activity_main.xml :

Just define the kenburns effect in xml file in which you want to run this effect and after nothing will do for this.


Problem will be discussed in Comment section.

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