Plotagon Education & Plotagon Software for making 3D videos

Plotagon :

Plotagon is the tool which is used to make 3D animation videos along with great graphic and sound effects . Characters are already made in the Plotagon , user just need to do editing the characters according to their requirements. The motion effects of characters like walking , sitting  etc.  in Plotagon makes unique and real.

Plotagon made it so easy to make videos that there is no need to know the  video and sound effects as all the things are drag and drop based .

Dialogues and Sound of the characters are recorded as in very simple manner and its real time compiler clears the mistake at the time of recording .

plotagon education:

With Plotagon Education, you can create 3D animated characters and movies to show to your students, or turn ordinary writing assignments into rich animated moviemaking experiences.

Plotagon Education is available for non-profit, educational use only to faculty and staff at accredited, government-recognized public or private educational institutions (including primary or secondary schools, public education authorities, or colleges, and universities) and career/vocational schools that grant degrees and/or certificates.

Get Plotagon Education

Also Plotagon Education provide free trial to study the functions and features of Plotagon Studio . For that you have to send the request for free trial in the link given below:

Request free trial

Video Still of Plotagon Software

plotagon video

Plotagon studio:

You can download the free trial version of Plotagon studio to try your first video with it. The latest download link of Plotagon studio is mentioned below:

Plotagon Studio can be downloaded from the link and will be installed in the same manner as any software in the computer.



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