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Connect to Firebase in Android Studio


Firebase  is the back-end server which provides so many features to add in an android app. Firebase is a product of Google which is free for Android Developers practice i.e. can be used by limited number of users through app. It provides a satisfactorily User Interface to understand the things of Firebase easily. Firebase Console is the control panel for users to control , handle and observe the project.

Firebase has many features to install in Android app by once connected with it. It has features like :

  1. Firebase Realtime Database
  2. Firebase Storage
  3. Firebase Notifications
  4. Firebase Authentication

Connect to Firebase:

Android Studio provides the feature to connect with firebase within it. It has an option available in Menu bar  i.e.  Tools >> Firebase . Further steps are shown in image as follows:


Check one of the dependencies shown below according to your selection in build.gradle file in Android Studio.

compile ''
compile ''
compile ''
compile ''

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