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internet of things (Iot) :

In today’s world, science is now used as the weapons which are constantly growing and creates such technologies which become the part of people’s life. These technologies are the history in itself. The innovations and improvisations in technologies made people’s life very easy to tackle the day to day life problems.
There are many software and applications which solves the daily basis problems like Grocery, Taxi booking, Garments shopping, Ornaments, Medicines etc. all can be ordered and booked by even single app also.

And now to make people life’s so easier, science has been developed a new technology which directly belongs to people’s life like driving, cooking, temperature measurement, shopping, Car-washing service, control on machines, requirements in factories etc. all will be done by the single mobile device. Notifications of all work will be popped onto the device after a regular interval or regular distance if you are moving.

Now suppose you are going to the shopping mall by car and your device start saying that your car has less engine oil, need car washing, less fuel, engine’s condition then think the ease of life without doing any human efforts to it. The technology used in the above example is the new inventions named Internet of Things (IoT).

The definition of Internet of Things (IoT) can be understood as :

The technology which connects everyday things who belongs to electronics, software, sensors etc and can be internet enabling for collecting and exchanging the data at one platform.

It’s basic principle of working is:

Internet of things (iot) example:

While the technology is new and only a few people know about it but it has lots of examples to understand it very clearly. The example of this is discussed here as :

Patient at Home to Hospital :

In this example, we can see that how IoT works in to take a patient from home to hospital when the patient health gets in a critical position. Lets’ start to understand the stuff.

Pos.1: The patient on a ventilation machine controlled by the operative machine which is embedded with software with internet enabling is resting at home.
The software and electronic machines are used here to check the level of criticalness for every single second of the patient. The information on every single second is sent to the Doctors at Hospital.

Pos.2: At any sudden moment, System finds the level of criticalness increases to danger point then the IoT immediately send this information to doctors with the danger sound messages.

Pos.3: The doctor will immediately send an ambulance to the patient’s house and get the patient to the hospital for treatment.

This shows that how all the process is working on IoT for the patient.

Internet of things (iot) platform:

For beginners, Start IoT with Raspberry Pi OS and with python language in which the code is written for performing IoT. You can dwonload from here by clicking on the link RaspberryPI OS .

After installation, you have to write code in python and then run that .py file in RaspberryPi OS.

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