Work from home jobs offered by Lionbridge company

Lionbridge :

Lionbridge is  worldwide global company with over 6000 employees currently working in over 27 countries . Lionbridge is world’s largest global professional translation and localization company.  Lionbridge combines the language expertise and operational capabilities you need to engage the global consumer with the greatest impact.

Lionbridge does many tasks but offers three types of services to people which you can also see in detail by given links:

1. Global Marketing and localization :

Lionbridge for global marketing strategy

Reduce global marketing complexities and deliver optimal results with Lionbridge’s combination of language, marketing, and creative production services.

With Lionbridge as your global marketing services partner, you’ll get a global operating model, flexible approach to technology, and deep language and cultural expertise so you can:

  • Adapt marketing campaigns with agility
  • Balance competing global and local demands
  • Simplify global messaging
  • Execute a seamless marketing localization strategy

With Lionbridge, you can deliver relevance on a global scale.

2.Machine Intelligence :

Linguistic & data operations

Lionbridge provides the highest quality data to meet the exacting standards of our clients to train intelligent systems. We do this through a rigorous recruitment and screening process as well as a mature quality assurance process and system. We work both on client systems for large scale, highly secure needs and on our own tools as needed.

Our Linguistic Operations help you develop more intuitive natural language interfaces. They include:

Grammatically correct phases of spoken sentences or written text
Consistency checking (capitalization, spelling, proofreading, etc.)
Translation of spoken words or written text
Transliteration of words and phrases

Our Data Operations provide you with cleaner input data for training engines. They include:

Data collection: the capture and recording of speech, written text, image or video samples
Data processing and engineering
Transcription of spoken recordings
Labeling and annotation of text, spoken language and videos (text, images, audio or video)
Scrubbed and vetted data for your recognition and search engines
Articulation of grammar rules in any particular language
Domain-specific dictionaries and ontologies

Linguistic staffing

Lionbridge provides the expertise our clients need including linguists, phoneticians, transcriptionists, translators, raters and user experience managers.

These resources are deployed to meet each client’s requirements whether that be remote, on-site, or in a Lionbridge office.
User experience testing

Understanding how people around the world experience these new intelligent systems in their home and car is critical for the success of new interface experiences.

Lionbridge provides a virtual, global network of resources that can be segmented by locales and demographics to provide feedback and insight on new products, algorithms, features and languages. Whether in the cloud or in an office, we have the flexibility and infrastructure to deploy testing labs near-site to our clients’ R&D facilities – a common need for automotive infotainment systems.

We also manage the secure distribution of pre-launch hardware into markets to test under non-disclosure agreements.

3.Content and Testing :

Professional App And Website Testing Services

Lionbridge can help you improve quality, avoid delays, speed time-to-market, and reduce costs with our suite of testing services for apps and websites, including regression testing, software testing, and performance testing. Our goal? Ensure that your products and apps work seamlessly across cultures and around the world.

Explore how your product or app performs under real-world conditions. By using a mix of lab-based automated testing and hands-on location testing, we’ll make sure you meet users’ needs and expectations throughout the lifecycle.

Does your product or app function correctly in various locales? Leverage our global team of in-market testers representing 102 regions, and scale your process with our 140,000-member crowdsourced network of testers.

Want to reduce time to market and lower maintenance spend? Reduce upfront time and cost by 15-20% with our accelerators, and deploy our framework easily across platforms.

Do obstacles slow you down and prevent meaningful process improvements? Build a more agile and innovative process with guidance from our consulting experts.

With Lionbridge as your partner, you can identify problems before they arise, adhere to delivery deadlines, better understand the local end-user experience with a solution, gain insight for future offerings, and improve the overall quality of the products you deliver to market.

Lionbridge Technology:

The technologies on which lionbridge works or also provide people to do the things with their technologies . These are based on translation and localization on one platform.


2. GeoFluent

3. ondemand

4. Translation Workspace

you can check the details of the technologies above mentioned link.

lionbridge jobs:

Lionbridge offers many jobs of work from home through which you can earn money from online at home and no need to go anywhere. Make money online through this you need Laptop , Internet , Smartphone to do the tasks given by Lionbridge.
The jobs offered by Lionbridge for woek from home are mentioned below :

Internet Assessor jobs:

In this job you will be reviewing online search results in order to improve their content and quality. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on content found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this role will involve reviewing the language used in the search results by examining grammar, tone and cultural relevance.

Through this work you will be making a valuable contribution by expressing your opinion on the quality and content of what is currently out there on the web. You will play a part in improving the quality of one of the largest search engines in the world using both your PC and required Smartphone device.

This job is provided in different languages for different regions like Marathi , Bengali, Hindi, English , Oriya etc.

You can check the current jobs of Internet Assessors Jobs for India here .

lionbridge job apply:

LionBridge Internet Assessor Job for India can be apply online on website of Lionbridge.
 Click Here to apply and a member of our recruitment team will quickly review your application.

lionbridge After apply for job:

Lionbridge is one of the best in communication with the candidate. It is very transparent and clear to talk with the member of the recruitment team of Lionbridge. You get emails after applying for questioniares by Lionbridge like these :

These are the pdfs sent by Lionbridge for information about that how to enroll , prepare and take the test


lionbridge test:

Lionbridge test consists 3 rounds and each round will be elimination round . In each round there are many questions will be asked by Lionbridge . Some questions are like Q&A (probably the first round) . It’s sample questions are shown below as:

Caution !! Read and study all the topics carefully before going to take the test , because it is one time opportunity. Once you failed will never get option to retake the test in future .

lionbridge result:

After few days , you will get to know that whether you selected or not by an email . If you get selection , you will immediately get the offer letter by company .
The eligibility creteria is mentioned in PDFs above. Ideally they want from candidate to score 70% i.e. 7/10 marks in exams.

Also if your performance is satisfactorily , Company may give another chanceto retake the test. But if you will not selected in that test also , you will rejected forever.

Lionbridge Locations:

Lionbridge is world wide global company which is spread over 27 countries which is mentioned as :


Country/Region City Address Telephone/Fax
USA Waltham, Massachusetts 1050 Winter Street, Suite 2300
Waltham, MA 02451
(World Headquarters)
T: +1 866-267-0437
F: +1 781-434-6034
Sales: +1 866-267-0437
USA Bellevue, Washington 3535 Factoria Boulevard SE
Suite 300
Bellevue, WA 98006
T: +1 425-688-1000
F: +1 425-688-1099
USA Boise, Idaho 423 N Ancestor Place #180
Boise, ID 83704
T: +1 208-321-4400
F: +1 208-321-4490
USA Chicago, Illinois 225 West Washington Street, Suite 2200
Chicago IL 60606
T: +1 312-753-6816
F: +1 312-924-0201
USA Columbus, Indiana 1917 McKinley Avenue
Columbus, IN 47201
T: 812-372-2551
F: 812-372-2574
USA Indianapolis, Indiana 2601 Fortune Circle
East Drive,
Suite 200A
Indianapolis, IN 46241
T: 317-484-2325
F: 317-484-2717
USA Madison Heights, Michigan 1521 E. Avis Dr.
Madison Heights,
MI 48071
T: +1 248-597-9901
USA New York, New York 259 West 30th Street
15th Floor
New York, NY 10001
USA Santa Clara, California 3100 De La Cruz Blvd
Suite 101
Santa Clara, CA 95054
T: +1 408-217-8362
Brazil São Paulo Rua Verbo Divino 1661 Cj 54
Chácara Santo Antônio
04719-002 São Paulo
T: +5511 5181-6011
Canada Moncton 10 Dawson Street
Dieppe, New Brunswick
E1A 6C8
T: 506-859-5200
F: 506-859-5205
Canada Montréal 7900-E Taschereau West Blvd.
Suite 204
Brossard, Quebec J4X 1C2
T: +450-923-5650
F: +450-923-5737
Canada Ottawa 126 York Street
Suite 500
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5T5
T: 613-234-5312
F: 613-234-1832
Canada Quebec 2700 Laurier Blvd.
Suite 6340
Quebec, Quebec G1V 4K5
T: 418-650-7800
F: 418-650-9650
Costa Rica San José Plaza Roble, Edificio
Terrazas, 4to Piso, Escazú
T: +506 4070-1399
Panama Panama City Punta Pacífica,
Oceania Business Plaza
Torre 1000, Oficina 33B
T: +507 396-4909


Country/Region City Address Telephone/Fax
China Beijing 11F Building 6, Fulltech Plaza,
No.33 Guangshun North Avenue,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing, P.R. China, 100102
T: +86 10 8518 6161
F: +86 10 8518 8181
China Jinan B-411, Qilu Software Park,
No. 1 Shunhua Rd,
High-Tech Development Zone,
Jinan, P.R. China 250101
T: +86 531 8317 6555
F: +86 531 8317 6111
India Bengaluru 2nd floor, Shailendra Techno Park
Plot No 116, EPIP Zone,
1st Phase, White Field
Bengaluru 5600 66
T: +91 9243606211 (CDMA)
+91 80 28415566
India Chennai International Tech Park, “Crest”
7th Floor Unit Nos. 1 & 2, Phase – II
Taramani Road, Taramani Chennai 600 113
T: +91 44 6678 5000
F: +91 44 6678 5499
India Mumbai 3rd Floor, Reliable Tech Park,
Off. Thane-Belapur Road,
Airoli, Navi Mumbai 400708
T: +91 22 4000 7000
F: +91 22 6693 9488
Japan Yokohama 42FI Yokohama Landmark Tower
2-2-1-1 Minato-Mirai
Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-8142
T: +81 45 640 4250
F: +81 45 640 4206
Singapore Singapore 3 Pickering Street,
#03-08, Nankin Row
Singapore 048660
T: +65 6508 0616
F: +65 6508 0617
South Korea Seoul 7th Floor, Business Tower
Nuritkum Square Building
1605 Sangam-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-795
T: +82 2 787 9500
F: +82 2 787 9600
Taiwan Taipei 15F, 508 Chung Hsiao East Road
Section 5
Taipei, Taiwan
T: +886 2 2727 3288
F: +886 2 2727 7072
Thailand Bangkok 24th Floor
Unit 5, Silom Complex Bldg.
191 Silom Road
Silom Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
T: +662 632 1530
F: +662 632 1530
Ext 9


Country/Region City Address Telephone/Fax
Belgium Brussels Gulledelle 92 b4
B-1200 Brussels
T: +32 2 588 41 30
F: +32 2 732 60 10
Denmark Copenhagen Lersø Parkallé 42, 3. DK-2100 København T: +45 70 14 29 44
Finland Espoo Piispanportti 5 FIN-02240 Espoo T: +358 9 4270 5600
F: +358 9 855 4010
Finland Tampere Hermiankatu 12 B FIN-33720 Tampere T: +358 9 4270 5600
F: +358 3 318 51 33
France Paris 14 Rue Moreau, 75012 Paris T: +33 142 96 54 30
France Sophia Antipolis Les Algorithmes, Aristote A
2000 Route des Lucioles
T: +33.492.9520.00
F: +33.492.389 314
Germany Berlin CLS 4-Text GMbH
Spichernstraße 2
10777 Berlin
T: +49 30 219 160 501
F: +49 30 219 160 502
Germany Wuppertal Konsumstr. 45, D-42285 Wuppertal T: +49 202 43047800
F: +49 202 47868361
Ireland Ballina Global Sourcing and Search
Solutions Emmet Street, Ballina, Co.
Mayo F26 TC53
T: +353 96 73700
F: +353 96 73701
Ireland Dublin 3 West Pier Business Campus
Dun Laoghaire, Co.
Dublin A96 A621
T: +353 1 202 1200
F: +353 1 202 1299
Netherlands Amsterdam Overschiestraat 55
1062 HN Amsterdam
T: +31 20 708 3915
F: +31 20 408 0000
Poland Warsaw 183 Jutrzenki St. 02-231 Warsaw T: +48 22 865 99 00
F: +48 22 865 99 30
Slovakia Zilina Lionbridge Žilina
Murgašova 2
Žilina Slovakia
T: +421 41 72 4 24 88
F: +421 41 72 4 75 30
Spain Madrid Edificio Ofipinar
Caleruega 102-104, 7th floor
28033 Madrid
T: +34 91 7913443
F: +34 902 052883
Sweden Gothenburg Karl Johansgatan 27
414 59 Göteborg
T: +46 31 303 26 50
F: +46 31 12 11 40
Switzerland Basel CLS Communication AG
Elisabethenanlage 11
CH-4051 Basel
T: +41 58 900 70 20
Switzerland Lausanne CLS Communication AG
Rue Centrale 10
CH-1003 Lausanne
T: +41 58 900 70 40
Switzerland Zurich CLS Communication AG
Saegereistr. 29
CH-8152 Glattbrugg-Zurich
T: +41 58 900 70 00
United Kingdom Bradley Stoke Town Square Office 3,
Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol. BS32 8FB
T: +44 117 372 9778
United Kingdom Bristol 340 Bristol Business Park
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol BS16 1EJ
T: +44 117 372 9741
F: +44 117 979 1035
United Kingdom Coventry Innovation Centre
Coventry University Technology
Park Puma Way Coventry West
Midlands CV1 2TT
T: +44 2476 826500
F: +44 2476 632925
United Kingdom Derby Technology House
7 Mallard Way
Pride Park
Derby DE24 8GX
T: +44 1332 442254
United Kingdom London Lionbridge
14-20 Shand Street, 2nd floor
London SE1 2ES
T: +44 (0) 203 117 2800


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