Earn Online Money from home by Data Entry Jobs(Digitize India Platform)

Digitize India Platform :

The Indian government today goes on the path of digitalization for every work like tenders, public records, government information all the data are going to upload on servers to make it accessible anywhere it is required. So to do this work government has made a website which is www.digitizeindia.gov.in on which it gives work of transformation of snippets to text on it and government will pay according to the rate set by it for the work.
Your participation and contribution as a Digital Contributor will help the country to transform into a knowledge-driven economy.

DIP aim is to achieve the vision of Digital India, where every Indian is digitally empowered and every information is digitally available. Digitize India Platform offers an opportunity for government agencies to transform themselves into digital enterprises and for Digital Contributors, rewards for doing simple data entry jobs.

How Digitize India Platform (dip) works:

Scanned Document

  1. All scanned images are shredded into snippets with meaning full data
  2. Shredding is done as per Organizations requirement for data digitization
  3. Documents meta data information is maintained throughout the life cycle of the document

Digitize India Platform

1. Randomly serves snippets to contributors
2. Snippets are matched for converted data in the match engine
3. Correct entries get reward points for each correct words digitized
4. Platform organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors
5. The document is re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

You can also see the video of its working that how the work will be given to the people and how it should be done. Just click on this link: https://digitizeindia.gov.in/how-it-works.

How to apply /register for the DIP:

You can apply or register to do the task of data entry on this website by click here: https://digitizeindia.gov.in/signup . In this link, you have to enter your personal data like AADHAR NUMBER, Name, Address, Mode of Payment etc.

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